Barbara Tallent


Are you looking for an executive who can quickly pull your team together? I'm a seasoned executive with experience running organizations of all sizes. I specialize in learning the space and culture quickly and creating an environment where everyone on the team can be working at their highest potential. Whether it is a temporary CEO or VP of Marketing, I'm the one you want to bring in when you need someone who can quickly align and focus the team on the larger goal.

I've never worked for, nor met, anyone else with her amazing ability to create, articulate, and rally the entire team around a vision getting them to perform at their highest level of productivity. Scott Hetherington


Temporary Executive

Finding the right executive is hard in Silicon Valley. You want to take your time, but often you need someone immediately to bring the team together and get things on track. This is where I come in. I have a long history of leading successful teams and I can quickly help a team focus on the company goals. My unique background of marketing, product marketing, and deep technical knowledge allows me to quickly understand a space and become immediately productive.


Before you build your website or spend a dime on collateral you need to figure out what you are going to say and if it is going resonate with your target audience. When you are caught up in building the best product possible, it is easy to forget that others know nothing about you.

You only have a minute or two to make that first impression.

Positioning your company or product succinctly and clearly will make that minute count.

Good positioning takes into account your target audience, your value, and your competitors. Good positioning needs to be validated in your target market.

I provide consulting services that help you position your company and create a message that will persuade your customers.

Business Plan/Investor Pitches

You only get one chance to pitch the value of your company to an investor.

You need an excellent business plan and the proven ability to execute.

You may be working on the "next Facebook", but if you cannot properly communicate the value of your company, potential investors "just won't get it".

I have helped dozens of companies raise capital and build out their business plans. I provide consulting services that offer everything from help with go-to-market strategies to coaching the team on effective presentation techniques.

Customer Pitches

The most important factor to selling your product is knowing what your customer needs.

Once you know what your customer needs, positioning your product and crafting your pitch to close the deal is critical to your success.

Whether you want a pitch that will work from your website or one your sales people can use in front of prospects, I can help you craft a presentation that will help you close deals.

I have a long history in the technology industry helping companies simplify and explain their complex solutions and articulate their benefits to the customer.


I was most recently Co-founder/President at LiveBinders. LiveBinders helps educators and small businesses go paperless with an online 3-ring binder. This boot-strapped startup has close to 1M registered users and thousands of paying customers. Previously I was CEO of Boldfish, a venture-backed email marketing company that I sold to Siebel Systems. I have a depth of expertise in management and marketing with previous postions of General Manager and VP of Marketing at multiple organizations. In addition to my management skills, I have a deep technical expertise and have programmed using Ruby on Rails and javascript.

For a complete work history, please check out my LinkedIn profile.

Other Activities

I volunteer with Astia, working with some of their exciting start-up companies to perfect their business plans and funding pitches.