A Note from Barbara Tallent

I originally set up this website when I was doing consulting work. But in November of 2006 I became involved in a very exciting start-up called LiveBinders and I no long provide consulting services. However, I do still run my product marketing website Infrasystems.

LiveBinders offers a better way to share and show the information you find on the web with the age-old concept of putting it in a binder! Check out LiveBinders to see it in action or take a look at some of my business binders here:


If you are just here looking for my background, here it is:

I have spent over 25 years in the computer industry and was the President/CEO of BoldFish (email marketing software) for about four years. I sold BoldFish to Siebel Systems (now Oracle). Prior to that, I held several executive positions at a number of Internet startup companies including Vice President of Marketing at Netmosphere, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Intervista. I spent six years with NCD, most recently with the Z-Mail division as General Manager and Director of Messaging Products which I sold to NetManage. I have a diverse range of experience, coming up through the ranks in product marketing, and working for other well-known companies including SGI, Verity, Pyramid Technologies, Altos Computers, Fortune Systems, and Raytheon Data Systems (Lexitron).

Other Activities

I volunteer with Astia (Formerly Women's Technology Cluster) working with some of their exciting start-up companies.

I also run a website for product marketing managers in technology that provides them with the resources that they need to do their job.

I also have a gardening blog because I needed on off-line hobby. Does a gardening blog count as an off-line hobby?